Welcome to Pirate Bay

The Darknet market with the main focus on a trustless payment system, which makes it impossible for the vendors OR the site staff to run away with Bitcoins of the buyers.

Multisig Escrow

Optional 2-of-3 multisig for the buyers and 2-of-2 multisig as fallback for buyers that do not want to bother with multi-signature. Funds can only be accessed by the vendor after orders are finalized and can never be accessed by the market staff. Theft is impossible.

Smooth Transaction

Every order has its unique bitcoin address similar to BitPay's or Coinbase's payment system. Buyers have 15 minutes to pay the oreder and do not have to wait for deposits to arrive.


We do not support FE or partial escrow releases without approval from support. The multisignature escrow makes it impossible for you to lose your money as it requires multiple signatures for your funds to be released to the vendor.

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